Expanding our Closed Zapper as an Open DeFi Service Platform for All

The Morph development team has been busy at work with our upcoming liquidity zapping feature. With this platform, you will be able join a liquidity pool, convert liquidity tokens, and much more — all in one transaction while saving gas costs and making interacting on Uniswap simpler. This also helps to facilitate users in quickly discovering and migrating into higher yielding farms, more effectively and seamlessly than other tools out there like Zapper.Fi.

Prototype function of the zapper tool platform

Using MORC Seamlessly

The zapper platform is the first DeFi product released as part of the Morph Finance ecosystem. The zapper will integrate MORC via a buy back using accumulated…

Our mission is to balance inflationary growth with real value production from DeFi services

Receive a 1:1 migration to the new Morph Coin and Morph Tracker

Dynamic Supply is an algo based stablecoin, inspired by Basis protocol, which launched less than two weeks ago. Since then, we’ve added some features such as a new website, and a coin zapper that allows users of other projects to join Dynamic Supply. However, we’ve noticed many critical problems with Basis’ tokenomics, which makes it an unsustainable algo stable coin, as pointed out by Andre Cronje in this tweet.

We originally intended to solve the algo stablecoin issues by introducing new mechanics to help arbitrage away lop-sided sell pressure. For example, you could burn DSTR into DST when DST is…

We’ve recently released our Zapper, a feature that allows other LPs to easily enter into the Dynamic Supply ecosystem, plus a plan for beyond

The Zapper is a new feature that is unique to Dynamic Supply which allows for the conversion of DAI directly into DST-LP or DSTR-LP tokens in a single transaction as opposed to going through the gas-intensive process of manually unpooling/swapping/re-pooling for DST/DSTR. We recently introduced zaps with over 50% gas savings for BAC/BAS, DEBASE, ZAI, as well as the ability to quickly convert DAI into DST/DSTR LPs via the Add Liquidity button. Now, we’ve introduced zaps for Mith.Cash (MIC/MIS LP) liquidity pools that can cross platform migrate your pools from SushiSwap to UniSwap into DST-DAI or DSTR-DAI.

Cross platform SushiSwap-Uniswap zaps for Mith Cash/Shares now supported

Using the Zapper

The Dynamic Zapper…

Zapping Away Liquidity Pools into Better Farms at Half the Gas

Convert to DST or DSTR LPs for half the gas, then farm for better yields

Our roadmap includes the first new item as “Zapper” contract, which would allow for the simple conversion of Liquidity Pool tokens from other projects into DST-DAI or DSTR-DAI LP tokens, in one easy transaction, while saving gas. We recognize that the unfortunate minting bug in ZAI has resulted in a rapidly deteriorating ZAI community and thus we would like to offer a convenient way for its participants to salvage what LP they have at minimal gas cost.

How it Works

Our newly created contract will be able to convert your ZAI LP tokens into DST/DSTR DAI LP by completing the following in one…

A Roadmap Going from Value Creation to Value Innovation with Dynamic Supply

Real markets are driven primarily by three factors at their core: (a) inflation that encourages participation and spending in the ecosystem; (b) trading and arbitrage opportunities; and (c) underlying value of the traded asset derived from use cases. While recent algorithmic stablecoins have inflationary incentives, they lack sufficient arbitrage opportunities as well as use cases. Basis Cash came to the limelight after introducing bonds which made some improvements to the arbitrage opportunities. However, problems still persist and thus Dynamic Supply is seeking to address all of the above.

DST and DSTR are also now listed on CoinGecko

As with Basis and its many forks, when the main stablecoin falls…

We’ve made some changes to the core protocol to create a longer-lasting ecosystem

It has been 5 days since the launch of Dynamic Supply, a decentralized algorithmic stable coin inspired by Basis & Basis Cash. An organizational restructuring has occurred and the new team led by developer 0x2 has taken over the project. The original team had a successful launch but it was quite short lived. TVL went over $3M and quickly shot back down to just $90,000. It is clear that it was not a sustainable model. But that’s to change.

After we have taken over development, we have seen nearly a 400% increase in TVL in just two days, indicating that…

Dynamic.Supply is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin inspired by Basis.

Rapid experimentation and deployment within an open-source environment enable DeFi protocols to continue pushing boundaries. In this case, we’ve modified contract variables to increase the speed of emission while reducing the amplitude of swings above and below target, ultimately aiming to bring the system to equilibrium in weeks rather than months.


  • Dynamic Supply Tokens (DST) = cash (targeting $1)
  • Dynamic Supply Trackers (DSTR) = shares
  • Dynamic Supply Notes (DSN) = bonds

So what’s different?

  • Reduced epoch interval to 6hrs, same 1.1x multiplier
  • 10,000 DST available at launch
  • Max supply of 250,000 DSTR tokens

Launch Liquidity and Pool Rewards

  • 10,000…

Morph Coin (morph.finance)

Morph Coin (morph.finance) is an experimental algorithmic stablecoin that balances inflationary growth and Defi product value.

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