A New DeFi Product is Joining Morph

Expanding our Closed Zapper as an Open DeFi Service Platform for All

The Morph development team has been busy at work with our upcoming liquidity zapping feature. With this platform, you will be able join a liquidity pool, convert liquidity tokens, and much more — all in one transaction while saving gas costs and making interacting on Uniswap simpler. This also helps to facilitate users in quickly discovering and migrating into higher yielding farms, more effectively and seamlessly than other tools out there like Zapper.Fi.

Prototype function of the zapper tool platform

Using MORC Seamlessly

The zapper platform is the first DeFi product released as part of the Morph Finance ecosystem. The zapper will integrate MORC via a buy back using accumulated fees from a tiny percentage of the swap’s ETH or stablecoin in the zapper contract. This along with the taxes for selling MORC under $1 will help move MORC closer to its price peg. MORT-DAI LP holders can also choose to stake their LP tokens into a fee rewards vault, where they can earn a share of the MORC that has been bought by the contract. This method helps to provide a frictionless experience for users of the zapper platform without having to pre-buy MORC.


This DeFi product puts MORC into usage, while simplifying interactions with leading DeFi protocols. The post-swap fee structure will create regular upwards counter pressure on MORC, especially when combined with the sell tax, to keep a balance against the inflationary expansion of the Reoptimizer. This also continues to incentivize MORT stakers in the Reoptimizer, which allows them to regularly earn MORC at a steady growth pace. Thus, a truer decentralized stablecoin goal (as a DAI alternative) can be achieved for MORC in lieu of centralized USDT or USDC, which allows for future DeFi products and MORC use cases. More details will be revealed, including the name of the platform, as we get closer to release of this product.

Twitter (https://twitter.com/morphcoin)
Telegram (https://t.me/morphfinance)

DISCLAIMER: Morph Finance is an experimental DeFi ecosystem in an unregulated cryptocurrency space. Participation in the ecosystem does not constitute an investment and you risk any funds that you participate within the system.




Morph Coin (morph.finance) is an experimental algorithmic stablecoin that balances inflationary growth and Defi product value.

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Morph Coin (morph.finance)

Morph Coin (morph.finance)

Morph Coin (morph.finance) is an experimental algorithmic stablecoin that balances inflationary growth and Defi product value.

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