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Dynamic.Supply is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin inspired by Basis.

Rapid experimentation and deployment within an open-source environment enable DeFi protocols to continue pushing boundaries. In this case, we’ve modified contract variables to increase the speed of emission while reducing the amplitude of swings above and below target, ultimately aiming to bring the system to equilibrium in weeks rather than months.


  • Dynamic Supply Tokens (DST) = cash (targeting $1)
  • Dynamic Supply Trackers (DSTR) = shares
  • Dynamic Supply Notes (DSN) = bonds

So what’s different?

  • Reduced epoch interval to 6hrs, same 1.1x multiplier
  • 10,000 DST available at launch
  • Max supply of 250,000 DSTR tokens

Launch Liquidity and Pool Rewards

  • 10,000 DST listed on Uniswap with 10,000 DAI ($1 per DST)
  • 175,000 DSTR allocated to the DST/DAI LP rewards pool
  • 75,000 DSTR allocated to the DSTR/DAI LP rewards pool

Fair Launch

  • Anti-bot measures will be in force during the initial Uniswap listing phase, which commences at 5pm EST on Jan 2nd, 2021 — a max buy limit of 100 DST will apply to everyone for 1 hour after listing
  • After 1 hour the maximum purchase limit will automatically expire




Morph Coin ( is an experimental algorithmic stablecoin that balances inflationary growth and Defi product value.

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